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quick ambere by ribaki
quick ambere
I am late for school anyway, so I desided to make a quick morning sketch 8----) (now I'm late of total... two hours and fifteen minutes. ha. oh well...) (got to add: the sketch only took about 25 minutes, so we cannot really blame it... 8---/ hm)

In the pic is my very old character ambere. : P I just wanted to draw something of mine and despite her crappy character design (by 13 year old me, heh) i kinda like her. So yeah. : )
Babe by ribaki
I wanted to draw something just for fun, so I did. Ha. Fuckedy fuck you school and all my too ambitious comic projects, this was just for me! >B----)

ps. I lost my crochet hook ;____; bwaaaah
pps. spring come alreaaaddddyyyy (except not quite yet I still wanna go skating... o u o)
ppps. I feel... weird. ha.
Piilotettu muumipaakallo by ribaki
Piilotettu muumipaakallo
"The hidden moomin scull"

Schoolwork, again. I'm actually very satisfied with this one. I think I managed to put something of me and how I do, and like to do things, and so on, in it. So yeah. Acrylics are kind of hard but I guess I managed. At least somewhat. : D
one of those days by ribaki
one of those days
I think everyone have these kind of days... Urgh, talk about NOT FUN. The assingment was "dirty colours".

Schoolwork, oil painting.


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Anna Helminen
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♠ anna helminen
♠ 12. march 1994
♠ current location Orivesi/Tampere, Finland
♠ studying art at Oriveden opisto, Finland
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I stole this from :iconmilkchii:

So! The objective here is to leave me a comment on this journal and I will look at your gallery for an OC (original character) of yours that I absolutely love~ Heart This is to help spread around the love for your OCs, encourage gallery views, and share art so feel free to leave a comment, whether you are a watcher of mine or not. ^^ Here are just two things to keep in mind, however:

  • ~ First 20 people who comment shall have their OCs featured
  • ~ If you comment, you must make a journal like this, putting the tagger in the first slot and featuring one of their OCs (as this isn't technically a "free" feature. It's a trade off type of thing. ^^)

I will introduce the OC and say what I love about it. Only good things from me~
So, those are the rules I copied, and I'm going to add one myself, just for the fun of it. It won't apply for you, unless you want to of course. But the rule I'm making for myself (or should we call it a bonus?) is that I will draw a very quick and ugly sketch of every Oc chosen in this feature thingy. I'm not asking you to do the same, I just simply want to do it myself in the means of practise.
So get your oc featured and follow the original rules and get some shitass fan art on top of it XD Yey

1. :iconmilkchii:

+ Vane Weather + by MilkChii
Vane Weather
Easy pic for me, this one. : D MilkChii just introduced this new character of hers, and I just adore it. I mean, look at those teeth! How can you not love it?
Even though I don't know much of Vane yet, I'm eager to know more, and his design appears very promising. Face is recognisable and fun, and the outfit is also of nice design. It is simple enough for comic use, where you need to draw it over and over again, but still interesting to look at.
Also I think we can guess a lot from his clothes: the rolled pants compined with the movement make me think, that he probably is going to be involved in some action. Plus the bare feet it makes me think he's physique is good. He gives out energetic, peculiar vibe for me, and also his pure honesty in disliking or caring seems adorably annoyingly awesomely amusing.
my version:

2. :iconzigzagoomba:

Felicia Lewis WoA App by Zigzagoomba
Felicia Lewis
I chose Felicia from Zigzagoombas gallery. Probably was an subconcious choice, because I only later realized Felicias picture is also her avatar. : D Anyhow, this Wyvenn raced girl got my interest.
I like Felicias facual design. It is beautiful, but still has some quirky features, which give her a nice edge on her look. As I read of her personality, the face got more and more fitting. She doesn't seem to be a people person, and somehow I feel that when I look at her. At the same time, she is not fully evil or mean, just doesn't trust or want to be trusted in. That's the feeling I get from her, and the complexity of it is nice and makes her interesting.
She has a backgroud story very sad, that consist out of thieving. I think I can also see this, with some kind of ruthlessness and intelligence i her eyes. Her pose also is very easy, she seems like she is not self-concious nor trying to hide herself. Also, at the same time, her fist is clenching her dress; there is some mixed signals in this, and it makes me even more curious about her.
my version:

3. :iconashealath:

Derp-Actual Ref Sheet-Derp by Ashealath
Engel Schwartz
This was a hard pic, but Engel is and will be the one who stole my heart. Blond, tattooed hacker guy with german accent and a little selfish - what's not to love? He is the perfect bad boy.
Engels look seems very fitting to his hacking career - a bit slouching, arrogant look with the cigarette. He gives out this vibe of not-caring and being the tough guy and so on, but after reading his biography, it feels very... I think that's exactly the picture he wants to give. However, his tattoos, imaginative and cool, give a little glimpse from the inside of his mind, as good tattoos tend to do for people. I think this is a very delicate and nice way of showing his personality in his appearance. It's completely beliavable and realistic.
Engels backstory is also very good. I find it fitting and interesting, and it really shapes him greatly. You can picture his growth easily and it builds his personality. Especially the military background was very nice, it brings the perfect edge to his rebelliousness. What can I say, I'm just in love with this dude!
my version:

4. :iconarse-bandiit:

Before and After: Raven by Arse-Bandiit

I chose Raven basically for her appearance: I have always loved goggles and gogglecharacters. There is just this fun, freaky and funky (FFF code for goggles!) about the characters having them. It's like a thing that comes automatically when goggles are given to them, and it is just... interesting and fun and irresistable, if I may be this blunt. : D Also Raven, this tomboyish woman who seems tough and humorous at the same time, seems to fit the gogglething, even though her more resent design doesn't include them anymore.
Ravens outfit looks neat and also practical, which is something I have come to appreciate a lot in characters. Yes, it's fun to put them in weird costumes ad sexy bikinis, long coats and all kinds of scarves, and I admit doing it all the time myself too.. but seriously: who can fight wearing a miniskirt and one meter long scarf? So I really like the design of her outfit. : )
my version:

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